Walking Away With Relief

by | Sep 23, 2019

It really pains me that when I was going through my struggle, I was actually watching people, and I was watching them with their heads down, going to work, absolutely miserable.

So, I would stop and I would ask people, “Do you enjoy what you’re doing?” 99% of the people said they did not, and then you realize how many people in this world are going to work every day with their heads down, coming home, eating dinner, streaming Netflix, and then they are simply waking up the next day, rinse and repeat.

That is not living.

That is existing.

When you identify and when you have the opportunity to face your fears and walk away from a job you just do not like, the sense of relief is unbelievable.

You start to feel the sun on your face again. You start to smell fresh cut grass, and you start to enjoy life because that burden you have ridden yourself of.

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