Pam’s Sacrifice

by | Oct 21, 2019

So I want to talk about making sacrifices. Pam was in a field, but the subsection of her field she was not happy in and she truly did want to make a change.

I asked her what was holding her back and she said she would have to take a pay cut. I dug in a little bit deeper and I asked her, “Do you have any assets? Do you have anything you could sell?” She said that she had a condo which happened to be in the suburbs, so for a young lady, a professional, being in the suburbs didn’t even make sense.

I said, “How much equity do you have?” She had equity.

I said, “Sell that condo. Take that equity, put it in the bank, rent where you’re working in a city type atmosphere, start networking, and move on with your life.”

She was talking about the condo and I said, “If you are unwilling to sell the condo then this is not your true passion.”

Ultimately, she sold the condo, she moved to the city, she made the change, and ultimately, she met the love of her life so the sacrifice was worth it.

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