by | Aug 19, 2019

So we were just talking about manifestation. And a lot of people make a big mistake when they try to manifest something.

They leave out a key ingredient.

That ingredient is action.

Most people will sit around, and an idea is just an idea unless you truly take action. It’s the same with manifestation.

Whatever it is you are picturing, you’ve got a picture that’s so powerful in your mind that you can actually feel like you already have it.

But without taking the steps to achieve what you are manifesting, then the manifesting is still just a dream. It’s just an idea. It’s just a hope and a prayer.

Most people will not take the action necessary to achieve what they are manifesting, and that’s like leaving a dream on the table, a hope on a table.

You must take action in order to manifest the things you truly want and the life that you truly desire.

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