Find Out Who You Are Not

by | Sep 30, 2019

So for me it was finding out where were the toxicities in my life.

What did I have to rid myself of?

What did I not want to be anymore?

And I had a very close friend, and every time I talked to him about my goals and my ambitions and the journey I wanted to be on, he would constantly bring me down. He would constantly try to pull me down, and it was completely negative. He had nothing positive to say about that.

So I had to eliminate him from my life. I realized I was not supposed to be friends with this person, who I still love, but I was not supposed to have him in my life so I could move forward in the compost and goals that I want to accomplish.

It is that point, once you rid yourself of the things that are bringing negativity in your life, and once you change your habits, and once you change your routines, that is when you’re ultimately going to find out exactly who you are and what you want to pursue in life.

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