Elevate Others

by | Nov 11, 2019

We want to elevate others, because when we do that, we elevate ourselves.

When we actually reach out and we look and we see someone in pain and we see someone who really needs our help, we want to be able to help them and to lift them.

Basically, most people will sit around and they’ll just give money to help somebody or to a charity.

But, what about giving your time? What about giving your words? What about sharing your story with them to let them know they are not alone? They’re not alone in this world.

By elevating them, we create a ripple effect. That ripple effect means that the people we’re elevating are going to turn around and elevate others as well.

You’re creating a movement by elevating others. You’re creating something that this world desperately needs, especially in these times.

Continue to elevate yourself while you’re elevating others.

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