Competitive Negativity

by | Sep 16, 2019

So when it comes to competition, you have to remember you have to focus on you. If you start competing against somebody else, you’re living their life.

What they’re doing is irrelevant to what you’re trying to accomplish. So you want to continue to compete against yourself. You want to take on new challenges. You want to focus on what you are trying to accomplish.

When you’re focusing on competing against somebody else, it puts you in a position where you’re inferior to them. It’s like when Michael Phelps won the last swimming competition. They have a shot of the guy in the lane next to him.

Why did he lose? Because he was focusing on Michael Phelps. He was and his head was out of the water looking at him. He wasn’t focusing on what he was doing.

So when you try to compete against somebody else, you put yourself at a disadvantage. When your competition is you and bettering yourself? That is when you’re going to win.

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