I’ve had a very long journey in my life. Back in July of 1982, I had one of the worst things in my life ever happen to me while traveling to work for my father. My brother who just had his license for only six weeks, we were heading down to work for my father and we got into an accident. I flew through the windshield and my brother died instantly. Rather than mourning my brother’s death in the proper way I stood up to be the man. In 1994, I had lost my dad and at that time, because I did not mourn my brother, I started mourning my brother because of my father’s death. This led me into a state of anxiety and anxiety can be crippling.


All the while, when I graduated college in 1989 I entered the financial industry of which I am a veteran of the financial industry for 30 years working at various institutions as a global sales trader, as a broker, inter-dealer broker, and as a wealth management specialist.

However, in 2011, my passion and my profession was stripped of me. What this did is it not only took my passion away, it stripped me of my identity and I dug myself into a giant mental hole to the point where I felt completely worthless. I had to scrape, fight and claw every day just to get through the day until one day I called myself a victim. When I did that, I immediately jumped up and responded I was not going to be a victim anymore.

During this time there have been many ups and downs, but I’ve always found a way to be entrepreneurial in my business. I have a wife, Donna, three beautiful daughters, Danielle, Lauren and Gabrielle, and my goal going forward is to have them, my greatest supporters, help other people reach a point of freedom and happiness as well.

I am not a victim. Life is not happening to me, life is happening for me, something I finally realized. Then as I started taking charge and as I started to elevate myself out of the depths of hell, I came to the conclusion that everybody, everybody has the ability to change their life and put themselves on a path to freedom and happiness. That is now my passion, to put myself on a path, a never-ending path, to elevate others and put them on the same path to freedom and happiness.


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